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Dr. Karen M. Wicker

Charter Member, Sandhills Alumnae Chapter

Sandhills Alumnae Chapter continues our 2023 Women's History Month Trailblazer Series honoring charter member Dr. Karen M. Wicker. 

Dr. Karen Wicker obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Business Administration from Meredith College, a Master of Divinity from Shaw University Divinity School, and a Doctor of Ministry from Hood Theological Seminary. 

We are asking each of our trailblazers to give us their perspective on women in leadership.  Here’s what Dr. Wicker shared:

Who is the most influential woman you know or look up to? 

“My mother, Geneva Moore, is the most influential woman I look up to. At 89 years old, she has accomplished much! She was an elementary school teacher for forty years before retiring. Even after recovering from open heart surgery, she taught local seniors valuable literacy skills and provided resources for retired US government employees. She is active in her church serving on several ministries and as a deaconess. She taught me and my siblings the value of education and always doing our best. She continues to be a wealth of information and a great source of love and support for our family.”

What have been your barriers and how did you overcome them? 

“Many of us have experienced barriers to success because of racial inequity and gender bias. As an ordained minister, these obstacles are exacerbated but not insurmountable. Making sure I am informed and prepared, I can approach any setting with confidence bathed in prayer.”

What makes you a good leader? 

“My leadership style is that one seeks understanding and ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued. I ensure that my decisions are informed by facts and address the needs of those affected while simultaneously securing the stability of the group or organization.”

What advice do you have for young women who want to be in a leadership position? 

“I would advise younger women who want to be in a leadership position to be confident, informed and have knowledge of others with a seat at the table. Ensuring that your presentation is factual, emitting passion and not emotion, and becoming knowledgeable about the subject matter is critically important. I would also advise younger women to seek out others with experience who can help advise and mentor them.

Why do we need more women in leadership? 

We need women in leadership at every level of an organization. Women bring a unique perspective to any position while maintaining a credible and results-oriented point of view. We bring quality leadership, professional credentials, and determination to achieve successful outcomes.”


We honor and appreciate you sharing your leadership wisdom with us and for being one of the trailblazers who chartered our chapter. 

Dr. Karen M. Wicker
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