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Service in
our HEART!


As a public service organization, Sandhills Alumnae recognizes the challenges that face all Americans, especially African Americans.  Utilizing our public service initiatives, we are able to address the needs of our community in the areas of education, economics, politics, health and wellness and international involvement. 

Each public service initiative is centered around Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Five Point Programmatic Thrust.  

Economic Development

Workshop, activities, discussion groups and summits are designed to teach participants to set financial goals and to formulate a plan of action to achieve the goals in their personal finances.   

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Educational Development

Programs, webinars, projects and workshops that focus on growth, development and excellence in education.  ACCESS to information is pertinent and our chapter strives to provide our community with the knowledge they need to excel in the educational realm.

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International Awareness & Involvement

International Awareness and Involvement affords us with the opportunity expand our knowledge and cultural awareness of other nations along with their international affairs, background and traditions.  


Physical and Mental Health

Understanding the importance of nourishing the mind, body and spirit, we place great value on the well being our members, family and community.  Utilizing workshops, seminars and interactive events, Sandhills Alumnae Chapter promotes health and wellness; especially in the black community.  

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Political Awareness & Involvement

Standing on the foundation of the organizations  1st political act, Women's Suffrage March to vote, we progressively pursue social action in our community by hosting events to promote political awareness in our ommunity.   

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